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Patriotic & Presidential Pet Names

It is almost the 250th anniversary of the founding of the United States of America. What better time to give your dog or cat a patriotic or Americana name?

Here is a list of Patriotic and Americana Names for Pets:


Boone (as in Daniel Boone)

Crockett (as in Davey Crockett)

Gizzly Adams

Betsy Ross



You could name your pet after a President or First Lady.

For example, you could name your dog Reagan or Ford or Clinton or Roosevelt or Lincoln or Abe.

Or you could name your cat Hillary (Clinton) or Eleanor (Roosevelt) or Mamie (Eisenhower.)

If you have a pair of dogs, you could name them Ronnie and Nancy. Or Trump and Pence.

You could name your parrot LadyBird.

Poppy (George H.W. Bush’s nickname) is a great name for a mouse. Herbert Hoover is a funny name for a hamster.

Dwight Eisenhower or Lyndon B. Johnson sound like stately names for race horses.

Washington is a great name for a poodle.

Or, You could name your pet after a Presidential Pet.

Presidents and their families have had truly unique pet names. They are a goldmine of ideas for naming pets.

Here is a list of Presidential Pets – going backwards in time.

The Trump family has no pets!

The Obamas had two Portuguese Water dogs, Bo and Sunny.

George and Laura Bush had Scottish Terrier dogs named Barney and Miss Beazley (nicknamed “Beazley Weazley” which is an awesome name) and a cat named India. They also had a Springer Spaniel named Spot, who was the offspring of George’s parents’ dog Millie. And they had a longhorn cow named Ofelia they kept at their Texas ranch.

The Clintons had their famous black and white cat named Socks and later they obtained a chocolate Labrador retriever dog named Buddy.

George H. W. Bush and Barbara had Millie and one of her pups, Ranger.

The Reagans had lots of pets (horses, dogs and cats) both in Wash DC and at their ranch in Santa Barbara including: Lucky, Rex, Victory, Peggy, Taca, Fuzzy, Cleo and Sara, El Alamein, Nancy D, Baby, Little Man, and more.

Jimmy Carter had dogs named Grits and Lewis Brown and Amy Carter had a Siamese cat named “Misty Malarkey Ying Yang.” That is a mouthful of a cat name!

The Fords had dogs named Liberty, Lucky, and Misty, and a cat named Shan.

The Nixons had interesting names for their dogs: King Timahoe (an Irish Setter), Pasha (a terrier), Vicki (a poodle), and Checkers (a cocker spaniel made famous by Nixon’s Checkers speech.)

The featured photo for this post is President Lyndon B. Johnson picking up his beagle named “Him” by the ears. He also had a beagle named “Her.”

For a complete list of Presidential Pets, check out this Wikipedia page: