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Lots of Names for Bunnies

Here are the three top names for pet bunnies:

Bugs Bunny

Honey Bunny

Funny Bunny

Here are even more names to consider for pet bunnies:

  1. Thumper
  2. Bugs
  3. Cottontail
  4. Daisy
  5. Buttercup
  6. Clover
  7. Willow
  8. Peanut
  9. Oreo
  10. Snowball
  11. Binky
  12. Hershey
  13. Luna
  14. Marshmallow
  15. Bun-Bun

Remember, the name you choose should suit your bunny’s personality and character. You may also want to consider names that reflect their appearance, such as “Snowball” for a white bunny or “Oreo” for a black and white bunny.