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Names for Fluffy Cats

Some cats are very fluffy. Many fluffy longhaired cats are white or gray. The top ten breeds of long-haired cats are: Maine Coon, Norwegian Forest Cat, Birman, Angora, Balinese, American Curl, Persian, and Himalyan.

Here are some great names for all types of fluffy cats:



Mrs. Buttersworth

Baby Ruth

Large Marge


Earl Gray




You could give your Himalayan cat a Himalayan Name such as Everest (after the highest mountain), Yeti (after the mysterious primate), or Shambhala (after the mythical city).

You could give your Maine Coon cat a cool Maine name such as: Bangor or (Lake) Sebago or (Mount) Katahdin or (Mount) Abraham.

You could give your Norwegian Forest cat a Norwegian or Viking name such as: Alf, Arvid, Christian, Dag, Erik or Seymour (male names) OR Astrid, Britt, Hilda or Gudrun (female names.)