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Names for Lions

Here are ten famous lions whose names you can borrow:

  1. Simba – The main character of Disney’s animated movie “The Lion King.”
  2. Aslan – The central character in C.S. Lewis’s “The Chronicles of Narnia” series.
  3. Mufasa – Simba’s father in “The Lion King.”
  4. Scar – The villain in “The Lion King.”
  5. Alex – The main character in DreamWorks’ animated movie “Madagascar.”
  6. Elsa – The lioness from “Born Free” and its sequels.
  7. Leo – The mascot for MGM studios.
  8. Christian – A lion who was rescued and rehabilitated in London and later released into the wild in Africa.
  9. Kamunyak – A lioness who became known for adopting several oryx calves in Samburu National Reserve, Kenya.
  10. Tamba – A lion who was rescued from a circus and lived at the Lion and Tiger Park in South Africa.