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Quick – Name Your Pet Bugs before it is too late!

Let’s face it, pet insects don’t last too long. Also, they are hard to catch, so it can be difficult to enjoy their companionship. Mostly, they are outdoor pests…err, pets.

However, if you love insects (and some people such as Entomologists truly do) and you are lucky enough to catch some to nurture, you should name your pets quickly before it is too late. Bugs’ lifespans are very short!

Here are some great suggestions for pet insect names:

Absolem – the Caterpillar in Alice in Wonderful

Mr. Antz

Ants in My Pants

Barry E. Benson – the star bee from the Bee Movie


Flik – the ant from A Bug’s Life

Mr. Centipede from James and the Giant Peach

Jiminy Cricket – from Pinocchio

Evinrude – the dragonfly from the Rescuers

Lightening or Sparky for Fireflies

Topaz for a blue Butterfly

When the time comes for your insect pets’ demise, don’t worry. You can always mount them on a display and enjoy them forever more.